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The Hillside Trust was formed in 1976 through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, as part of the Art's City Edges Program. This program recognized cities, such as Cincinnati, for its beautiful hillside landscape, and for the need to protect this precious asset for the benefit of future generations.

The wooded hillsides of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are an awe-inspiring natural feature of our region. They provide a range of critical and invaluable functions, including slowing storm water runoff, filtering harmful air pollutants, cooling summer temperatures, muting urban noise, and offering a visual richness that is unparalleled in many other urban areas of our country.

These wooded hillsides are also highly susceptible to land sliding, especially when ill-conceived development is left unchecked. The Hillside Trust is the only organization in the region, dedicated to promoting the thoughtful use and preservation of our region's spectacular hillsides.

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